Yoshiki SAITO

The Buliding of Physical Geography: Room 416
Institute of Geology and Geoinformation (IGG)
Geological Survey of Japan
AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
March 1981, B.S. Department of Geology and Mineralogy
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
March 1993, Doctor of Science, Kyushu University
April 1981 to October 1990: Researcher of the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ)
October 1990 to March 2001: Senior Researcher of the GSJ
April 2001 to March 2010: Group Leader of the AIST
October 1, 2008 to present: Prime Senior Researcher of the AIST
April 1996 to September 1996: Part-time Lecturer of Nagoya University
October 1997 to March 1998: Part-time Lecturer of Shizuoka University, Osaka City
April 1999 to March 2000: Part-time Lecturer of Shinshu University, Hokkaido
University, the University of Tokyo
April 2008 to March 2009: Part-time Lecturer of Ibaraki University
April 2009 to March 2010: Part-time Lecturer of Kumamoto University
January to March, 2012: Part-time Lecturer of the University of Tsukuba

Councilor of the Japan Association for Quaternary Research (1995–2007, 2009–2013)
Member of AGU, IAS, SEPM, CERF, Geological Society of Japan, Tokyo Geographical
Society, Japanese Geomorphological Union, Japanese Association for Quaternary
Research, Sedimentological Society of Japan, Oceanographical Society of Japan
Chairman of the national LOICZ Committee of the IGBP National Committee (Jpn)(2000–2008)
Member of the national IGBP committee (Jpn)(2000–2008)
Member of national committee on Quaternary Research (Jpn)(2000–)
Chairman of National Committee on Quaternary Research (2008–)
Member of PAGES Sub-committee of the IGBP National Committee (Jpn)
Member of the IGCP National Committee (Jpn)(1996–)

Guest professor:
Ocean University of China (1994 - present)
First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanographic Administration (SOA), P.R. China (1998 – present)
State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC), East China Normal University (2009 – 2012)

Research Statement
My overall research interests are to understand coastal environments on transcending time scales in the Quaternary inclusive recent changes by human activities, from viewpoints of sediment budget/dispersal, depositional system development, and sequence stratigraphy particularly in relation to sea-level changes, and from a standpoint of human impacts.

Particularly interests include the modern and ancient formation of sedimentary strata in continental margin environments, with special foci on deltas.