Leonardi Nicoletta

University of Liverpool, UK, School of Environmental Sciences
Nicoletta is a hydrodynamic modeler, coastal engineer, and geomorphologist. In 2016, she has been prized by the Italian National Academy of Science and at the presence of the Head of State for her work on coastal environments. Her area of expertise includes the study, and modelling of sediment transport and morphological changes at a local to regional scale, and the study of nature-based solutions and coastal wetlands as storm defenses. Other areas of expertise include the development of stochastic and probabilistic models for the morphological evolution of coastal areas.
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Recognition reference: PR136980; Date of recognition 13/11/2017
Italian National Academy of Sciences (Accademia dei Lincei) award “Giuseppe and Paolo Gatto”, 2016
The prize was conferred at the presence of: the Italian Head of State Sergio Mattarella and others such as the President of the Constitutional Court, Minister of public education, minister of cultural heritage, etc.
This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the study of lagoons from a hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and biological point of view.
Director’s Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2015
This award recognizes “outstanding teaching achievements and teaching fellows who went above and beyond the call of duty in the teaching mission of Boston University”
National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics Fellowship , 2015
This fellowship covers and allows the participation to the Summer institute on Earth-surface Dynamics (SIESD) at Tulane University to study: “Self-organization in landscapes and its residue in the stratigraphic record”
Long Term Ecological Research Network Fellowship, Luquillo LTER site, 2015
This fellowship covers the participation to the LTER ASM meeting “Resistance, resilience, and vulnerability to high-energy storms: A gradient perspective” in Aspen, Estes Park, Colorado.
Teaching Assistant Fellowship, Boston University, 2013, 2014, 2015
Summer Research Grant, Boston University, 2013, 2014, 2